10 Essential Hunting Gifts for Boyfriend or Husband on your List

It’s that time of year again when you can’t think of anything to get for your loved one! Well if he is a hunter or wanting to get outdoors a little more then here are the top 10 hunting gifts for boyfriend, just 10 simple ideas that will make them smile. I’ve divided the items into three budget categories depending on your spending 🙂

Stocking Stuffer Hunting Gear | $5 – $50

1. Never Lose Your Keys in the Woods! There’s nothing like the terrible feeling you have when you lose your keys in the wild. Prevent dire situations by getting one of these handy little tile key finder. Very simple to use and setup with your smart phone. The little “tile” fits on your key ring with ease, and then you’ll never lose them again. Get a 4-pack and save some cash, plus you can hook it on a purse or bag as well. Great gift for him or her!

2. Save your backside: Any hunter can use a good seat! I’ve listed two of my favorites. The tripod stool that swivels… woah, and of course the ever popular Twin Cheeks cushion by Primos.

I love to use my tripod stool on almost every hunt. If I’m hunting deer, elk, turkey, coyotes, or out camping with the family, I use my little tripod stool. They are extremely comfortable for the size and the price! Heck I may even got one for the whole family to put around the campfire.

The Twin Cheeks is great because you can just snap it to your waist belt and not worry about carrying it around in your already full hands. It’s a must for any deer hunter, turkey hunter, waterfowl hunter, or coyote hunter. I do a lot of wildlife photography too, and I love this little thing, saves me from a dead leg quite often.

Bargain Price Hunting Gear | $50 – $100

3. Keep the guns clean!: Every hunter needs to take the time to clean their weapons in order to stay on top of their game. A nice kit like this makes it easy and fun to clean all of those guns in the cabinet. This kit has everything you’ll need for any caliber for rifle, pistol, shotgun, or muzzle loader.

4. Put Meat in the Freezer: If your hunter actually brings home the bacon and needs to process all of that meat, then get a Game Processing & Cleaning Set. These are great little kits for processing the meat. It has every knife that you need, and stores away in a nice case. I recommend these for those who have preparedness on the mind because when the lights go out, you’ll need these tools to survive. You might want to add a how-to DVD for game processing.

5. Two Way Radio’s: Communication is critical in the woods. These radio’s are ideal for helping hunters communicate when separated. These claim a 36 mile range, but you can expect a realistic 2 mile range. Most radio’s at this price will be in the 2 mile range. You’ll need to step up in price to get the highest quality radio’s that can really reach out there. I like these because we never separate very far while hunting.

6. Flannel Shirts: Yes, that’s shirts plural, because who can have too many flannel shirts? I have seven, one for each day of the week! These are the most comfortable shirts I own. I love the cooler season just so I can wear my flannel shirts. This brand is the best on the market! I also have a thicker jacket, and I wear it almost every day from October through April (Note: They run a bit large, so check the size chart before you buy.) Oh how I love them!!!

Big Ticket Items | $100 – $300

7. A quality hunting pack! The Real challenge to hunting predatory animals is outsmarting them. This new hunting pack provides a pretty clever solution to help you do exactly that. Its unique patent-pending design with spring-loaded legs and a padded foldout seat allows you to Adapt on the fly with quick, comfortable set ups that will keep you undetected. With the pack’s 2,200 cubic inches of storage, 23 customizable pockets and a detachable electronics bag, you can easily carry all the gear required to stay mobile and pursue these elusive animals. Just set up, sit back and ambush your Prey with the element of surprise.

8. Binoculars: These rarely leave my neck when I’m out in the woods. I love them because they are waterproof and camo to boot. These things are one hundred percent waterproof and fog proof, it’s the Bushnell Trophy XLT Roof Prism Binoculars, 10x42mm (RealTree AP Camo), or with a little different camo, Bushnell Trophy XLT Bone Collector Edition 8x 42mm binocular and it’s housed in a Realtree Xtra Dura-grip rubber coating that protects the binocular. The Bone Collector binocular also features soft-touch thumb grips and twist-up eyecups for added comfort in the field. I love them, perfect for hunters.

I recommend this harness for bino’s, if they already a pair or if you get a new pair for them. If they will use the binoculars for spotting at all, then get them a tripod mount to keep steady out in the field.

9. TrailCam or Game Camera: I love these things! They are crucial for scouting out hunting areas and seeing what’s moving in the area. Plus they are so much fun for younger kids to see the wildlife that live in their area. My nephew loves these things, in fact, he quit playing video games once he found the thrill of catching animals on camera. The Moultrie PANORAMIC 150 Game Camera is an 8.0 megapixel infrared panoramic game camera. It has three motion sensors that cover a super-wide 150-degree detection angle. That’s perfect for putting near a water hole or by a dead animal to see the critters snooping around day or night.

10. Electronic Game Call: This is a must have for any hunter who’s getting really serious about their hunting. The Foxpro Inferno Game Call is perfect for someone starting out with a game caller. You’ll need 11 total AA batteries for the unit to work, so remember that (get an 8 Slot Smart Battery Charger for AA). This unit has a great remote that’s easy to read. It comes with 75 sounds that range from deer, elk, turkey, crows, coyotes, and more. It packs up really nice for storage and carrying in the field. I recommend this for a lot of people who are just getting started in the sport, or who are wanting to start calling coyotes. I’ve used one several times, and I think FoxPro is top dog!

Bonus items

Shooting Sticks: These are a must for any hunter! They allow for a hunter to rest their rifle or shotgun on while aiming at their target. A hunter will increase their chance at bringing home the meat by 75% just by using these instead of free hand shooting. I have several pairs of these, but these Bog Pod Camo Sticks are my favorite. They are also a good pickup for that wildlife photographer on your list.

Spotting Scope: If your hunter likes to go after big game, then they’ll need one of these. They’re also used a lot at the shooting range to help see the target down range. I would also get them a phone skope to go with it, or make this a simple gift if they already have a spotting scope.

Well that’s the list! I hope you and yours have a Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!

10 Gifts for Boyfriend Hunters

top 10 gifts for hunters

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