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value of coyote pelt 13. November 2017

Depends on a lot of factors. Each year pelts fetch a different amount. The market has been decent this year. Size and color make a difference, northern coyotes tend to fetch a higher dollar. I’ve seen good one go for as little as $20, and other times fetch $100. Depends on a lot of factors as I said.

how do I call a coyote into site on a small 1/2 to 1 acre field 24. October 2017

Are you hearing them? Seeing them? Seeing sign? I would locate them early in the morning by howling before shooting light, maybe an hour before. Once you know they are around, play the wind and come back an hour or so later. Start off on low volume with a distress and work the volume up over 10 minutes. If nothing shows, switch to pup distress. If nothing shows after 5 minutes, play a long howl. Wait 5 minutes, if you hear nothing, then challenge howl. If nothing, no response, try another day. If they howl, but don’t come in, get closer and use a squeaker or distress. Rinse and repeat.

when are coyotes most active 10. May 2017

They are most active at night. Coyotes are nocturnal most of the year, but early morning and evening hunting is the best as they are returning to bed or getting for the evening hunt.

Do coyotes stay in the same places? 15. January 2017

I would say most coyotes have a territory that they hunt and live in, yes. That area can cover hundreds of acres and even several miles. Researchers are finding there are even coyotes that live more of a vagabond life and travel many miles wandering through the wild. We’ve called locations within a week or two and called what we think are the same dogs in the same spot.

In michigan there are shotgun and rifle territory when coyote hunting can you use rifle in shotgun territory 3. January 2017

I’ll have to check, but for now call your local office.

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