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when are coyotes most active 10. May 2017

They are most active at night. Coyotes are nocturnal most of the year, but early morning and evening hunting is the best as they are returning to bed or getting for the evening hunt.

Do coyotes stay in the same places? 15. January 2017

I would say most coyotes have a territory that they hunt and live in, yes. That area can cover hundreds of acres and even several miles. Researchers are finding there are even coyotes that live more of a vagabond life and travel many miles wandering through the wild. We’ve called locations within a week or two and called what we think are the same dogs in the same spot.

In michigan there are shotgun and rifle territory when coyote hunting can you use rifle in shotgun territory 3. January 2017

I’ll have to check, but for now call your local office.

Can you use Black Powder to hunt coyote in Ohio? 12. December 2016

I believe so, but you’ll need to check with the local office.

Can you bait for a coyote such as deer bones I think it is legal in Maine. But is it legal to bait in NY? 7. December 2016

I believe so, but check with your local office.

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