Best Predator Hunting Seat, Chair, and Stool for Coyotes, Fox, and Bobcat

Best Predator Hunting Seat

I have tried almost everything trying to find the right seat for predator hunting. By doing so I’ve spent a lot of money field testing several seats and chairs looking for what fits me best. Here is a short list of what I’ve tried and what i like and dislike about each one.

The Hunting Seat Cushion

These cushion seats are always the cheapest and lightest solution. They come with a strap that loops around your belt and secures easily with a button snap. This is great if you’re looking for a hands free solution. They are comfortable enough on stand, and it’s only until about 15 minutes in when I need to shift my weight to avoid a dead leg.

If you want a more comfortable solution, then get the Therma-seat! They are very comfortable, and a lot of waterfowl and turkey hunters use them for sitting on location for great lengths of time. They are a bit bulkier, but you’ll enjoy the comfort and deal with carrying it on stand.

The downside is, they are very low to the ground and they’re not going to give you any extra height on your sets. So if you’re hunting in thicker cover or tall brush you may want to look for a taller option. I always have mine in the vehicle for those stands that we make in areas with open country and nothing blocking my view.


A Hunting Vest or Backpack with Seat

I have yet to use this style of a seat mainly because I don’t like to pack that much on stand. I am hearing nothing but rave reviews about this hunting pack and seat by Tenzing. As one hunter noted, “This pack is exactly what I expected. Extremely comfortable to sit in. Also can act as a stand for taking harder shots. My only problem with it is…it’s too comfortable…I end up sleeping throughout most of the hunt!“

There are a lot of Turkey packs that you can use as well, I like this vest because you can attach a large decoy into the back. So when that late season is upon us, a coyote decoy might be worth carrying, but only if it hooks into a vest like this.

A Folding Hunting Seat

Perhaps the seat I use the most is this folding seat by Hunter’s Specialties. I un-stitched the strap so that I can easily carry it with my hand. I don’t like to sling it over my shoulder and the strap was catching on brush everywhere I went. I may eventually add some Velcro so I can quickly re-attach it.

I decided to try this seat because I saw Al Morris using it. It has two legs that are a little longer than the other two which is nice for uneven terrain. The only downside is no back support, but that also allows you to sit up in the ready position rather than slouching into a non-shooting position. I use this seat for contests because I know it will keep me up and attentive.

If you’re using shooting sticks or a bipod you will gain 4-6 inches off the ground, so make sure you grab a few books to sit on with your current setup to see if the extra height will hinder your ability to shoot accurately.

I recently purchased this folding seat by Browning. It’s designed for Turkey hunting, but works well for Predator hunting as well. I like how low to the ground it is, and I love the back support. I’ve finding it hard however to get into a shooting position with ease. I won’t say it’s a bad seat because I think I just need to test it more, so check back. One small downside is the way it folds up requires a strap to hold the legs in place, otherwise it will start to unfold while you’re walking. Get a bungee or something to hold it in place and make for a quick fold and move.

My hunting partner uses this folding seat and he loves it. It can be quite loud, so grease the hinges so you’re not alerting everything in the county. It folds in half so it can be quite large to carry and store. It has a nice bonus however in making a carry pouch with the fold.

A Swivel Hunting Seat

I’ve used this swivel stool several times on hunts and I like it for the most part. Using the swivel is really easy to align your body for a good shot. It can be really tall however for most shooting sticks & bipods. You’ll also find it’s way too tall for open areas without a lot of cover. My brother uses this chair and swears by it. I also like the non-swivel stool like this one, if you’re hunting in an area where you can sit against tall brush or a tree and have tall enough sticks to make an effect shot.


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