Coyote Hunting California, Laws, Regulations, Season, & License Info

Website: California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Contact Phone Number: (916) 445-0411
Address: 1416 9th Street, 12th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814
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Coyote Hunting California, Laws & Regulations

Coyotes are defined as non-game animals in California

Do you need a license to hunt coyotes in California? A California Hunting license is required

Can a non-resident coyote hunt in California? Yes, with a California hunting license.

Is there a specified season for coyotes in California? The following nongame birds and mammals may be taken at any time of the year and in any number except as prohibited in Chapter 6: English sparrow, starling, coyote, weasels, skunks, opossum, moles and rodents (excluding tree and flying squirrels, and those listed as furbearers, endangered or threatened species).

Is there a bag limit for coyotes in California? No limit.

What are the legal hunting hours in California? Nongame mammals may be taken at any time except as provided in this section.

  • (a) Area Closed to Night Hunting. Nongame mammals may be taken only between one-half hour before sunrise and one-half hour after sunset in the following described area: Beginning at a point where Little Panoche Road crosses Interstate 5 near Mendota; south on Interstate 5 to Highway 198; east on Highway 198 to Highway 99; south on Highway 99 to Interstate 5; south on Interstate 5 to the Los Padres National Forest boundary in Section 8, T 9 N, R 19 W, S.B.B.M near Fort Tejon Historical Monument; west along the National Forest boundary to Cerro Noroeste Road; northwest on Cerro Noroeste Road to Highway 33-166; north on Highway 33-166 to the Soda Lake Road; northwest on the Soda Lake Road and on the Simmler Soda Lake San Diego Creek Road to Highway 58 at Simmler; west on Highway 58 to the Cammotti Shandon Road; north on the Cammotti Shandon Road to the Shandon San Juan Road; north on the Shandon San Juan Road to Highway 41; northeast on Highway 41 to the Cholame Valley Road; northwest on Cholame Valley Road and Cholame Road to the Parkfield Coalinga Road in Parkfield; north on Parkfield Coalinga Road and Parkfield Grade to Highway 198; northwest on Highway 198 to the Fresno-Monterey county line; north along the Fresno-Monterey county and Fresno-San Benito county lines to the Little Panoche Road; north and east on the Little Panoche Road to the point of beginning at Interstate 5. This section does not pertain to the legal take of nongame mammals with traps as provided for by Sections 461-480 of these regulations, and by Sections 4000-4012, 4152 and 4180 of the Fish and Game Code. (This regulation supersedes Section 3000 of the Fish and Game Code.)
  • (b) On privately-owned property, not included in (a) above, nongame mammals may be taken from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise only by the landowner or his agents, or by persons who have in their immediate possession written permission issued by the landowner or tenant that states the permittee can trespass from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise on property under the ownership or control of such landowners or tenants.

Are electronic game calls legal in California? Recorded or electrically amplified bird or mammal calls or sounds or recorded or electrically amplified imitations of bird or mammal calls or sounds may not be used to take any nongame bird or nongame mammal except coyotes, bobcats, American crows and starlings.

Are decoys allowed in California? Yes.

What firearms are approved/disapproved for coyotes in California? The take or attempted take of any nongame bird or nongame mammal with a firearm shall be in accordance with the use of nonlead projectiles and ammunition pursuant to Section 250.1 of these regulations.

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It is always unlawful to: Use a shotgun larger than 10 gauge; Use, for the taking of any game bird or game mammal, a shotgun capable of holding more than three shells in the magazine and chamber combined; Use or possess shotshells containing shot size larger than No. BB in lead or No. T in steel when hunting migratory game birds; Use shot that is not loose in the shell for taking resident small game and migratory game birds; Possess a machine gun, silencer, shotgun with barrel less than 18 inches in length, or rifle with barrel less than 16 inches in length.

Are suppressors allowed in California? No, ownership prohibited, no further hunting regulations.

CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE SECTION 33410. Any person, firm, or corporation who within this state possesses a silencer is guilty of a felony and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison or by a fine not to exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment. 33415. Section 33410 shall not apply to, or affect, any of the following: (a) The sale to, purchase by, or possession of silencers by agencies listed in Section 830.1, or the military or naval forces of this state or of the United States, for use in the discharge of their official duties. (b) The possession of silencers by regular, salaried, full-time peace officers who are employed by an agency listed in Section 830.1, or by the military or naval forces of this state or of the United States, when on duty and when the use of silencers is authorized by the agency and is within the course and scope of their duties. c) The manufacture, possession, transportation, or sale or other transfer of silencers to an entity described in subdivision (a) by dealers or manufacturers registered under Chapter 53 (commencing with Section 5801) of Title 26 of the United States Code and the regulations issued pursuant thereto.

Legal ammunition or restrictions for coyotes in California? Methods of take within the California condor range. Except as otherwise provided, it is unlawful to use or possess projectiles containing more than one percent lead by weight while taking or attempting to take any nongame birds or nongame mammals in those areas described in Section 3004.5, Fish and Game Code.

  • (1) For purposes of Section 475, a “projectile” is defined as any bullet, ball, sabot, slug, buckshot, shot, pellet or other device which is expelled from a firearm through a barrel by force.
  • (2) Except as otherwise provided, it is unlawful to possess any projectile containing lead in excess of the amount permitted in subsection 475(f) and a firearm capable of firing the projectile while taking or attempting to take any nongame bird or nongame mammal within the area described in subsection 475(f). The possession of a projectile containing lead in excess of the amount allowed in subsection 475(f) without possessing a firearm capable of firing the projectile is not a violation of this section.

Are there regulations for transporting dead coyotes or pelts across state lines in California? No.

Is night hunting allowed in California? Yes, in specific areas.

§263. Prohibition Against Night Hunting.

Notwithstanding any other provisions of these regulations, hunting wildlife from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise is prohibited in Monterey and San Benito counties east of Highway 101.

Amendment of NOTE filed 5-13-81; designated effective 5-23-81.

§264. Use of Lights While Hunting–Specific Areas.

  • (a) Lights of any size or voltage may be used to take furbearing or nongame mammals only in the areas described in subsections (b) and (c) below, and only under the following conditions:
    • (1) The use of lights for night hunting is prohibited in any area where the general deer season is open.
    • (2) Furbearing mammals and nongame mammals may be taken with the aid of a spotlight or other artificial light operated from a vehicle provided such vehicle is stopped and standing with the motor off. No spotlight may be used from a vehicle which is on a public road or highway.
  • (b) Zone 1. (Portions of Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Tehama, Yolo and Yuba counties.)
  • Area: Within the boundary beginning at the junction of Interstate 880 and Interstate 5 near Sacramento; east on Interstate 880 to its junction with Interstate 80; north and east on Interstate 80 to its junction with Highway 65 near Roseville, along Highway 65 to its junction with Highway 20 at Marysville; west on Highway 20 to its junction with Highway 45; north on Highway 45 to its junction with Highway 162; east on Highway 162 to its junction with Highway 99; north on Highway 99 to South Avenue near the town of Corning; west on South Avenue to Interstate 5 in Corning; north on Interstate 5 to Corning Road; west on Corning Road to Paskenta Road; west on the Paskenta Road to the town of Paskenta; southwest on the Round Valley Road to the Garland Road; south on the Garland Road to the town of Newville; south on the Newville-Elk Creek Road to the town of Elk Creek; south on the Elk Creek-Stonyford Road to the town of Stonyford; south on the Stonyford-Leesville Road to the town of Ladoga; south on the Stonyford-Leesville Road to the town of Leesville; south from Leesville on the Bear Valley Road to its intersection with Highway 20; east on Highway 20 to its intersection with Highway 16; south and east on Highway 16 to its intersection with Interstate 5; east on Interstate 5 to Interstate 880 and the point of beginning.
  • (c) Zone 2. (Portions of Inyo, Kern, Los Angeles, Mono and San Bernardino counties and all of Imperial, Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties.)
  • Area: Inyo, Mono and Kern counties south and east of a line beginning at the junction of Highway 182 and the California-Nevada state line; south on Highway 182 to its junction with Highway 395; south on Highway 395 to its intersection with Highway 168 at Bishop; west on Highway 168 to its intersection with the Inyo National Forest boundary; south on the Inyo National Forest boundary to its junction with County Highway J41; south and east on County Highway J41 to its junction with Highway 395; south on Highway 395 to its junction with Highway 14 near Inyokern; south on Highway 14 to its junction with Highway 178 at Freeman; west on Highway 178 to its junction with the Bodfish-Caliente Road at Isabella; south on the Bodfish-Caliente Road to its junction with Highway 58; east on Highway 58 to its junction with the Los Angeles Aqueduct; south and west on the Los Angeles Aqueduct Road to its junction with 265th Street West near Neenach; south on 265th Street West to its junction with the Elizabeth Lake-Pine Canyon Road at Three Points; east along the Elizabeth Lake-Pine Canyon Road to its junction with Highway 14 at Palmdale; south on Highway 14 to its intersection with the Angeles Forest Highway; south on the Angeles Forest Highway to the Mill Creek Summit Road; east and south on the Mill Creek Summit Road to its intersection with the Angeles Crest Highway (Highway 2) at Upper Chilao Campground; east on the Angeles Crest Highway to its intersection with the Los Angeles-San Bernardino county line; north on the Los Angeles-Kern-San Bernardino county line to its intersection with Highway 58; east on Highway 58 to its intersection with the range line between R3W and R4W; south along the range line between R3W and R4W to the southeast corner of T8N, R4W; east along T8N to its intersection with the west boundary of the U.S. Marine Corps Training Center; south and east on that boundary to its intersection with Giant Rock Road; east along Giant Rock Road to a point where it turns southeast and corresponding with a projected north extension of Sunfair Road; south on Sunfair Road and its projected extension to the San Bernardino-Riverside county line; and all of Imperial, Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties.

Certificate of Compliance as to 6-24-85 order transmitted to OAL 9-30-85 and filed 11-1-85.

§264.5. Use of Lights While Hunting–Remainder of State.

Lights may be used, in those portions of the state not listed in Section 264, to take furbearers and nongame mammals under the following conditions only:

  • (a) Only 9 volt lights or smaller, hand-held or worn on the head are permitted.
  • (b) Persons using such lights must be on foot.
  • (c) Lights may not be used in or from a vehicle and may not be attached or powered from any source other than self-contained batteries.
  • (d) A landowner or tenant suffering damage to livestock or other property by furbearing mammals or nongame mammals may designate, in writing, persons allowed by such landowner or tenant to use artificial lights in excess of 9 volts to assist in taking the depredating mammals. The landowner or tenants shall notify the closest fish and game office whenever furbearing or nongame mammals are taken under this authority.

No furbearing or nongame mammals including any threatened, endangered or fully protected species may be taken contrary to any other prohibition set forth in these regulations.

Certificate of Compliance as to 6-24-85 order transmitted to OAL 9-30-85 and filed 11-1-85.

Are there specified weapon restrictions for night in California? No special restrictions.

Can you hunt from a vehicle in California? No person shall pursue, drive, herd, or take any bird or mammal from any type of motor-driven air or land vehicles, motorboat, airboat, sailboat, or snowmobile. Additionally, no person shall use any motorized, hot-air, or unpowered aircraft or other device capable of flight or any earth orbiting imaging device to locate or assist in locating big game mammals beginning 48 hours before and continuing until 48 hours after any big game hunting season in the same area. No person shall use at any time or place, without Department approval, any computer, telemetry device or other equipment to locate a big game mammal to which a tracking device is attached. For purposes of this subsection “use” includes but is not limited to personal use or intent by another to obtain information from such personal use. It is illegal to shoot at game from an ATV (FGC 3002)

Can baiting be used to hunt coyotes in California? No feed, bait or other material capable of attracting a nongame mammal may be placed or used in conjunction with dogs for the purpose of taking any nongame mammals. Nothing in this section shall prohibit an individual operating in accordance with the provisions of Section 465.5 from using a dog to follow a trap drag and taking the nongame mammal caught in that trap.

Can dogs be used to hunt coyotes in California? See this: Use of Dogs

Is there a bounty program in California? Not at this time.

Coyote News in California

Coyotes Killing Pets in Seal Beach (8/15/14)

This information is for informational purposes only. This website has no affiliation with any department of the above mentioned state. For your own safety please contact your local office to verify the information presented. is not responsible for your own stupidity.

Last Updated: 11-1-2016

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  1. James

    have .308 rifle and .45 ACP. I believe either is legal with hunting license to hunt Coyote with steel ammo??? I am new to hunting coyote, soo feel free to comment and let me know if its ok to use my .45 ACP for coyote??

    • Ian

      killing coyotes is not hunting. And the .45 acp? LOL, good luck dude

      • Modicus

        Unless you’ve got those coyotes locked up in a pen or cage, it most certainly IS hunting, Ian. It’s not like “euthanizing” stray dogs the way the SPCA does. One does not just go out in the field and kill coyotes at ones will and pleasure.

        • Landon

          You are exactly right Modicus

      • Jason

        Do you have any idea how coyotes are so populated that the quail, chukar, rabbit and other small game animals are suffering? Yes it is hunting Ian. Its a damn good cause too!Coyotes have been a big problem for a while.

        • Debbie

          Coyotes have driven out all the pheasants in my area. I can no longer let my chickens out to free range.

          • Carl Normand

            I live in Chino Hills, CA. I’ve been here in Cali for the last 10 yrs. Grew up in Mobile, AL. hunting and fishing all my life. Any chance to help hunt some of the coyotes on your property?

        • Landon Faulkner

          Yep. And that’s exactly why it is legal to hunt them in every state and no bag limits or tags required. The biologists know what they’re doing

          • Jason Tovar

            Does anyone know where to in Bakersfield but in public land. I’ll hunt anything.

      • Landon

        Hunting coyotes is not hunting? What a moronic comment

        • Hunter Toten

          Landon have you every “hunted” and I dont mean walking a field for upland game or standing by a tree waiting for one to fly over. Coyote takes a skill due to them being hunters themselves

          • K. Mine

            And who names their kid Landon, Lol. Libtards do evidently.

      • Scott Vines

        Another bong-smoking California libtard.

        • Paul

          Hey! Im a Cali Liberal who has no problem hunting coyotes! They can quickly destroy small game populations and over populate and begin hunting our cats and chickens and small dogs, so I say coyote control done safely is a good thing.

      • Stu

        With the name “Ian”, I’m pretty sure you’re a tree hugging, Prius driving, Starbucks latte drinking, douchebag…

        • Alan Farrant

          Hey Stu,
          You must be a dumb ass Trump supporter.
          I’ve lived in the mountains my whole life with bears coyotes,mountain lion and bobcat and omg no pets lost and know problems with them what so ever. You probably sleep with you guns for security. And wow hunting an animal that roams the neighbor hood eating the rodents omg how horrific.

          • alanisaqueer

            Typical Liberal. Not a single intelligent/educated point made. Im sure you’ll get brownie points from your libtard friends for the Trump comment.

      • Ian is a girly man

        First off yes it is hunting and second your an idiot Ian, I kill coyotes with a .22 at about 70yrds. I’m pretty sure that’s more skill than luck wouldn’t you think? Also do you hunt? And if you do, do you know the reasons behind population control involving predator animals such as coyotes? Or do ya think a bunch of folk wearin dem blue jean overalls is out der shootin dem critters for fun? You most likely see it as, “just shooting and wasting what u kill.” Most likely because you feel coyotes is a waste, Just as some may also view you.

    • Brian Poole

      Hey James ,
      Yeah, you can use a .45, they are good for about 25 yards or so, after that, they tend to drop rather quick.
      I feel for both sides of the Hunt vs. kill thing, but when the coyotes are a problem, like they are getting to be here in San Francisco and Pacifica, action has got to be taken. Dogs are getting attacked all the time in Pacifica. They are roaming the streets here in San Francisco, spotted daily in my area. We also got coons, possum and skunk running around at night too. I know they are just trying to live and survive and with humans forever encroaching and squeezing them out of their area. But there is plenty of wild undeveloped area’s or under BLM that can live. City is no place for them with little to eat (except peoples pets) and being unwelcomed. Perhaps a relocation project would be more humane, or fixing them, catch and release style. I know we can’t go running around with guns to hunt them here. Hell, one report of somebody with a gun will get 1/2 the police force and a swat team up your arse in 10 minutes.

      • Steve J

        Just a thought, do those urban coyotes look well fed? They probably are or they wouldn’t be there. People leave out cat food, and all kinds of other things that coyotes love to ear. And then there are the local geese and ducks in the parks, domestic cats and other small pets.
        They wouldn’t be in San Francisco if people were a little more careful with what they leave around.

    • Michael Cativolo

      While you guys are bickering back and forth about politics and muddying up the site I’ll explain a little how I get down.

      My choice is always the Airforce Texan Long Supper Suppressed .357 caliber rifle for Coyotes.
      Paired with a lovely ATN 4K night/day High Definition scope and two long range infrared laser illuminators mounted on the scope.

      The rifles accuracy is superb.
      50-70 yards can hit bullseye all night long in pitch dark, the darker the night the better.
      Them little eyes light up like two green lanterns and out comes the .357 Slug without the noise of any powder. When I say quiet I mean quiet like 70db quiet 🙂
      The fellow coyotes when found in packs more than one have often not realized that their buddy’s coyote brain just got nicked out of its skull and they stand around for the next shot. Lol where did ol bushy tail go, perhaps he’s taking a lil nap?


      Shotguns for bird hunting during the day is fine but when it comes to coyotes or I prefer stealth and precision.

  2. Commi-fornia

    California fish and wildlife rules and regulations suck! It’s designed to give the Hunter a low probability of success, and is clearly all about the money and nothing else. You can’t bait, so you get idiots blasting smaller game because it’s the only thing they have seen in years. Ridiculous rules such as non-traditional ammunition for hunting, and a book of rules and regulations for every area within different zones, so that when you do mess up they can fine you. Cha-ching! Best go out of state to hunt, you will have more fun and not feel like a criminal while doing so.

    • Ian

      CA requires you to hunt like a sportsmen and actually put effort into your hunt, rather than throwing some bait out, sitting on your ass and waiting to shoot something. Sorry this doesn’t suit you. Please do go out of state when you “hunt”. Thanks.

      • Chris Reich

        Thank you Ian. These blood thirsty, beer swilling fools with guns scare the hell out of me.

      • MANLY

        Ian apparently has never attempted to hunt coyotes nor has he seen the results of a coyote killing a fawn or other infant animal as it’s being born. Why are you commenting on this site anyway?

        • Jason

          Exactly what I was thinking. This dude has probably never been on a hunt or stalk in his life.

    • Robert

      Sounds like a roadhunter to me.

  3. Marisa

    I’d clarification. Your article reads: “No feed, bait or other material capable of attracting a nongame mammal may be placed or used in conjunction with dogs for the purpose of taking any nongame mammals.”

    What if I’m not using dogs?

    • JiujitsuHunter

      If you are or you arnt using dogs you still CAN’T bait animals in California. But if you know where theres a dead animal and coyotes are eating it and you happen to hunt it during legal hours BLAST away

  4. Ed

    What about using a bow or crossbow for hunting Coyotes in Riverside county at night?

  5. Gwendolyn Grace

    We recently moved onto a golf course in Rancho Mirage CA and I am freaked out by the coyotes. They roam the course in packs.They scavenge into backyards. One even walked our street in broad Daylight- 2 pm and jumped our fence. I often see three together. Tonight I saw five. WE have a small dog that needs to use our backyard, but Im fearful to be outside with him. What does one do about this?

    • Ian

      get a bigger dog and grow a spine.

      • Shawn Vargas

        Dude, its a woman! Grow a spine? Learn some manners!

      • MANLY

        Ian, again why are you on this site? You need to see your pet being attacked by a preditor such as a fox or coyote. Until then, stick with knitting by the fire.

      • Sbrnakiss

        Clearly you are just having a go at people with serious concerns, at their expense. I live in the golf course and just lost my dog to these predators. People here are trying to protect their beloved furry mates as best and as legally as possible. This is the 2nd pet in 15 years that was killed by coyotes. I tried my damnest to be as protective as possible but after last night, it’s game on. I’m not for wilding out with a gun and possibly getting arrested but baiting and a crossbow just might work. So to everyone reading this and has lost a loved one to these vermin, best of luck in your hunting. I may not kill the one that killed my Zippie but I’ll kill which ever one I can trap and prevent anyone else from the pain I’m living through. When it happens to you Ian or someone else that you care for I hope it hits you hard with many sleepless nights. To everyone else tired of coyote problems, Happy Hunting and Good Luck. The state, county, and local wildlife can’t help you. Thankfully we have these forums to help each other. To all the Ian’s and others like him I’m looking forward to the several kills in the near future. The first one I’ll name after you.

    • Chris Reich

      You need not fear them. I have them all around me and I am more fearful of people. Be wary about your neighbors putting out poison…which could kill your dog…or some fool shooting you when you are out at night with your dog. Be grateful for the rats taken by coyotes.

      • Frank

        Been a hunter for 60 years and have great respect for ethical practices. I live in a somewhat urban area of San Diego/Point Loma where coyotes, and racoons are ever-present. Recently, in my backyard, 10pm, a large raccoon saw me on the upper patio of deck, he scaled a five foot gate, ran up 20 stairs directly at me and attacked my 14 lb. dog that was behind me. The raccoon backed my dog into a corner and was inches away from a head bit. I grabbed the raccoon by the back of the neck and middle of back, pulled him away from the dog, and launched him off the patio into a hedge. Yes, raccoons can be vicious when the need to feed young, or extreme hunger is present. I got a drop-door spring trap, put marshmallows, jam, peanut butter, and tuna fish as bait. Some raccoons are trap-wary especially if trapped before, so baiting with gloves and scent protection is a good idea. After a week I caught him, must have been 20 lbs. Drove him 25 miles away and released. I was driven to save my dog and would not recommend anyone doing as I did. I was scratched on the legs, arms, bitten in the armpit, and my shirt was shredded. Do to the attack and personal injury, Fish and Game responded with a professional trapper who after two weeks was unable to trap the guy and I took over. SD County Officials responded and were only interested in taking my dog to quarantine if I was unable to provide immediate proof of license and required vaccinations–even thought the dog was not touched. Be careful and don’t assume raccoons are just friendly little guys. I’ve been around a thousand raccoons and never seen this rare behavior before. Trap and relocate if possible. They will take your small animals, chickens, etc in a second. Keep your awareness especially at night. A 65 lb dog is worth his weight in gold. Raccoons will forage, hunt openly. Conversely, the coyote will lay in wait and grab–you’ll never see him before it’s too late.

        • Dan

          Raccoons are carriers of rabies! sounds like that one probably was rabid! you can’t fool outdoors people! you may want to get tested and have your dog tested! also look up the shots you may have to get, to save your life! Never touch an aggressive wild animal!!! Killing it to protect yourself and other humans you have probably touched (since grabbing a probable rabid animal) could have saved you from months of probable horror! If you think I’m trying to freighten you take it as a warning raccoons carry rabies and aggressiveness (in a normally docile animal) is a huge sign of a rabid animal!

          • FW

            Hey, thanks. You’re absolutely correct. I had to go through the shot series. Didn’t use my best judgment. Sometimes with only an instant to act you put yourself at risk. Dumb me but really happy dog!

        • FW

          Actually, I did not release him 25 miles away. I relocated the raccoon to a different part of my property, opened the cage and banged like heck on the top of cage hoping that would discourage him from returning. I thought of driving him 25 miles aways but it just didn’t seem prudent. I just wasn’t sure if he was the same raccoon who got me.

        • sjordan5

          Wrap your trap with a tarp, leave it in the same place for a few days and use tuna. The tarp makes the animal less wary, the trap seems like a tunnel. Also clean your trap and try to keep man scent off of it.


      The coyote will hunt alone or in packs. That’s what they do. If their numbers cannot be kept in check then they will do what you are seeing – moving into residential areas and feed off pet food or the pets themselves. If you live within a housing association and it’s not within a city limits check with the association board about the possibility of having a reputable preditor hunter come in and hunt/remove some of them. If you are having problems most likely others are having problems/concerns too. They won’t stop or leave any other way. Be with your pet anytime that you let it out doors until then.

    • lindsay

      bring your dog in just before dark.
      never leave it outside.
      buy a big kennel to put your dog in at dark if you have to,but im sure your dog would rather be with you.
      make sure the kennel has a top fence to so its a complete box, so nothing can get in or out. and always coyote haze, never not say anything them, they need to know you dont want them there, so tell them, raise your voice and dont let up till they are gone.

  6. Plumeria Dee

    Take your dog outdoors on a leash. Bring a high powered flashlight with you. If you see a coyote, wave your arms and yell – make yourself look big and mean. You can also build a kennel in your yard if you don’t like to walk your dog. Dogs love to be walked, and they are better for it, too. So are humans – so walk!

    You moved to a place where they live, and they can be a good thing. They rid you of a skunks, opposums, mice, rats, and raccoons – all of which are more a nuisance than coyotes. You’ll get used to living near them.

    • Sharon

      Unfortunately coyotes prefer to kill and eat my chickens. There are plenty of squirrels, raccoons, and opossums in my area. That would be great if they would stick to hunting and eating those critters, but they don’t. I guess the chickens are easier to catch. And yes I have free range chickens, locked up at night for safety, but the coyotes seem to raid in broad daylight.

    • Tom

      So your ok with other animals being killed, but not coyotes? Wow! You are so compassionate!

  7. Dave Gray

    I read nothing in this information about the use of lights or thermal or infrared scopes attached to a firearm for use during nighttime coyote hunting in California. Please consider including that information.

    • Paul

      The regs say 30min before sunrise and 30 min after sunset, so no night hunting of coyotes. It says nothing about the scopes though. Only no bait, and no shooting from a vehicle or ATV.

  8. Eddie

    Only thing I got from this is that Ian is a provoking jerk. California hunting laws are terrible and discouraging.

  9. gina

    can you guys come to Aliso Viejo, CA and take out the coyotes en masse??? there are thousands in our area with packs roaming residential areas at all hours.. several laying on front walks at one time, etc.. Animal control does nothing and pets are being killed left and right… pls can you start hunting in the parks of Aliso Viejo? PLEASE!!! or anywhere in the canyons to try to eliminate the population! thank yu!

    • Austin

      I’m looking in to this as well. I hear them howling all night here in Aliso. I contacted the sheriff’s but they have not gotten back to me

    • Jorge Alberto Medina

      Hi gina i will be glad to come over to alison and help get rid off as many coyotes as i can i live in oceanside california but never been in alison

  10. Tom

    Ian is spot on. The coyotes were here before us, and they keep rodent populations in check. Get rid of the useless, itty bitty dog and stop being afraid of coyotes.

    Sadly chickens in coops are easier to hunt than wild rodents, and coyotes are not dumb. Build better facilities for your chickens.

  11. Kathryn Murphy

    I need to kill a coyote that mutilated my dog in my yard with us just a few feet away. It lives in the backyard nextdoor for the home has been empty for 24 years now. It has killed all the possums yes but I would rather have possums because then my poor dog wouldn’t be dead. This coyote sit in front of the middle school during the morning and next to the church preschool playground every day from 1-3pm and doesn’t hide. Humane society will do nothing. I want this awful monster gone…what can I do??

    • Brian

      Sounds almost as if he is guarding at the school and pre-school. I’m sorry about your dog. You were so close and could do nothing? Scream, throw something or charge him? They won’t attack people, I don’t think. Maybe a small child, but not teens or adults. We are more of a threat to them then they are to us.

      • Kathryn Murphy

        Sorry Brian I did not know that you had replied to my comment until now. We could do nothing about my poor baby because he jumped out from behind a bush and grabbed him by the neck, and dropped him and took off because we did scream and rush in his direction. But my baby was killed instantly. Since this happened there was a 4 year old girl bit in the arm with her mother right next to her putting her baby brother in his stroller at the park on my block. The Wildlife Fish & Game came out and shut down the park & vowed to stay until they caught the coyote. My neighbor told them about our situation and they were to come to my house & catch this one as well because we found out there is a den of about 30 in the field behind my across the street neighbor but they caught the one at the park and never came out way. I have listened to that damn coyote 4 times a day at the same times every day doing its howl/yipping noise as it is just on the other side of the brick wall outside my bedroom window. I don’t really hate anything but I do hate that monster with a passion! Sometimes if I look out the window because I don’t hear him & I wonder what he is up to, I see him with his paws up on the top of the wall just scoping out everything in my backyard…looking for food I guess. The idiot keeping the house empty has not had the yards done in a long time and the trees branches that are right there have broken off and landed against the wall & over time it has formed a ramp basically making the wall only about 4 feet high on that side, but it drops way down on my side. I guess calling the city to report the mess back there may help a bit? I hadn’t heard him for 5 weeks or so and was hopeful he had moved or hopefully was killed by a neighbor (we’re all pissed and everyone wants him gone) but just last Wednesday I heard him again start up his calls from right back there in the same spot! Where did he go and why is he back? Why couldn’t he have just moved on? Am I doomed to have him there forever??

      • Ole Possum

        Google Taylor Mitchell killing, and Kelly Keen killing. That way you can find out they WILL attack people. There have been hundreds of cases of coyotes attacking people.Also for those of you who insist coyotes were here first, Google coyote historic range map, you will see that unless you lived in Southeastern California, you are wrong.

    • George Virden

      Mrs Murphy
      I’m in California you pay for my gas and I’ll come kill it and leave noone will hear a thing.

  12. Jason

    I usually use a .308 for coyotes. But I would like to use my 17hmr this year. Is the use of a .17HMR rimfire for coyote legal here in California? D14 area if it matters.

  13. Benat Iturburua

    It seems California Politicians main focus is that people do not hunt at all. Firearms laws are ridiculous and in all cases Unconstitutional. Sad part also is the enforcers of these unlawful laws give it no 2nd thought as it applies to their forgotten oath to protect the U.S. Constitution, not the Law.

  14. Chuck

    I don’t give a rip what the coyote protectors say. The manger currs have wiped out the entire turkey population and have killed numerous pets where we live. I have a crossbow that is a great coyote eradicator. Coyotes often carry rabies, too. I just hope the coyote protectors get to experience some of the coyote side effects. In most other states you can hunt then with silenced firearms.

    • Scott

      sad part is most of them live in apartment buildings in the middle of the city where the only thing that pisses everyone one off is people! so to them people are the problem. but a coyote will take a child so fast even before you or the child sees or hears it coming they are very smart and a really good stalk.

  15. Landon

    What kind of shot shells are legal to use for predator hunting here? Other than lead-free I mean. Can we use buckshot?

  16. Mark

    Coyotes are nasty scavenging predators. Ill kill everyone I encounter, and if I got the opportunity, Ill use my car to do it. They’ve attacked our animals, and to be honest, a little payback is in order.

  17. Demi

    I live in North county San Diego. The guy who rents the house next to mine left a letter in my mailbox saying that if we hear gunshots he is using a 22 to kill the coyotes that wander into his yard. This is a rural area but homes are in close proximity, is that type of gun okay to use?

  18. Michael Bain

    Probably stupid question…well it is a stupid questions but I have to ask, there is no tags needed for coyotes in California and it’s always season correct??? In any zone

  19. Ray

    I have been reading and also watching videos on coyote hunting for 2 years. I have been tying to figure out where in Southern California I can go to hunt coyotes. I have searched the Internet and have tried to talk to Fish and Game at the Fredhall show for the past 3 years, they are no help. I have all the equipment needed and ready to go. I just need help with someone who can show where to go and legally hunt coyotes. I have been trying to find someone for all this time with no success. I would be grateful if someone was interested in showing a newbie the proper places to go.

  20. Jeff A.

    Coyotes or a massive problem I got 2 days ago 10 yards off my front porch. I usually carry my .357 magnum for close range and my preferred rifle is a 22 mag. There are numerous tree hugger anti-gun in liberals everywhere. I live in the middle of nowhere in N.E. CA. and still get shit from people that don’t understand.

  21. Linda

    Glendale police told me That it’s illegal to shoot a firearm in city limits. True? Am I reading correctly that coyotes can be hunted after dark?

  22. red

    can i hunt coyotes with a 22mag in ca and not get fine for it?

  23. Michael Gilbert

    No matter what caliber or guage, the projectile must be non lead.

    Steel is pretty useless because it isn’t accurate (typically) and doesn’t expand.

    That leaves copper, brass or other non lead alloy. Again, pretty much useless in a .22 short, long, long rifle or magnum. .

    17 is marginal but lethal in the hands of a good shooter. 223/5.56 and up are all good. 224 Valkyrie is my favorite with 70-80 grain pill. Again, must be non lead projectile.

  24. Ken Seamann

    Varmints are legal to hunt all year round.
    Relocating a varmint or furbearer (possum, racoon, etc.) is not legal. You or your HOA can get a deprivation permit (use a licensed trapper). Do a Google search. There is one near you. They cannot use a firearm in city limits either (maybe w special permit)
    Crossbows & Air rifles are NOT considered firearms. Get a large caliber one with a lot of power & it will take care of the situation. Always know your backstop. Check with your HOA to be sure that they don’t have rules against them. (Or ask for forgiveness after the fact.
    My SIL is a licensed trapper in NorCal 7 gets called by HOAs quite often. Turkeys are a real pain also. They will attack you

  25. Tim Tenwolde

    Whats up guys… I’m lookin for a place in San Diego to go wack and stack some coyotes… any suggestions?

    Any help would be appreciated…

    Ian, was a libtard…. go make yourself a hemp skirt and move along.

  26. Rick

    I know it’s not legal to discharge a firearm within city limits. What about unincorporated county areas?


    At 69 I used to be an avid hunter in my younger day ! Hunting is an ART FORM ! The American Indian knew this , and practiced hunting ” BIG TIME ” ! Hunting Coyote especially in Commiefornia is vital to reduce these Predators from destroying to many cotton tail rabbits and many game birds ! In fact I am planning a legal Coyote hunt in Southern Commiefornia as an out of Stater . It will cost me $ 179.00 for my out of State License ! But I am glad to help protect said game .

  28. Adam

    I have never “hunted” or even shot an animal. I do however see a big problem with coyotes in the North West Los Angeles area. Coyotes are becoming more brazen these days and becoming less afraid of humans.

    One evening last year around 8pm, I went outside to get something from my car, there was a coyote approx 40 feet from me, standing in the middle of the street staring at me, which was a well lit street full of cars. I shouted at it, stomped the ground, clapped my hands, waving my arms about, I even threw a small rock near it. It didn’t flinch, it just stood there as if it was deciding on whether to attach or not. I slowly backed away into my house while it continued to stare at me.

    I don’t see myself “hunting” coyotes, but I have no problem with the next guy or girl doing it, as I do see coyotes being a big problem around here. I can also see them being a threat to humans in the near future. One day, someone will be out walking, before they know it, they will be surrounded by a pack of coyotes. We shouldn’t have to wait till that happens.


    I have been attacked by a pack of approx. 10 domestic dogs here in Oregon ! This particular pack had killed two sheep . They started to work me like a Water Buffalo on TV ! Where upon I pulled out my concealed Smith and Wesson model 60 38. special snub nose ! Popping a cap into the ground a foot in front of the lead dog ! All the dogs took off !

  30. Christy Begley

    OMG George

    OMG George Virden I live in Sacramento down the street from the Capital and there is a loner who is living inside a housing complex. It is getting wayyyy to comfortable and I know a disaster is going to happen. Specifically I’m worried about my best pal who is 15 pounds and always on a leash, but as someone said, coyotes lie in wait and then grab. So far I have heard of this coyote APPROACHING humans when they are with pets. Two were little dogs and the third case was a man who has two large dogs on leashes. I am so worried all the time that the coyote is going to kill my dog. That was nice of you to offer to take care of Kathryn Murphy’s coyote problem; can you get this one? The problem is that there are tons of people around. And it is around at all hours. I will pay you to remove this coyote. As for Kathryn Murphy, have you seen the movie Two Strangers On a Train?

  31. Jeff

    New to hunting, I’m located in oceanside,ca. Looking to connect with fellow hunters and learn the ropes

  32. shane

    there’s no need to go at each other’s throats. i know we all have different beliefs and opinions… but this forum should be used to help each other. i just lost my dog to coyotes… and to those of you who think that you only have to worry about small pets… wrong!
    my dog was a very healthy 65 lbs german shepherd mix. God bless marley and his soul (if he has one).
    know this… i will be taking one of these coyotes soon.
    …and i might not stop until the whole pack is dead or relocated. if they are as smart as i’ve heard, they’ll get the hint soon.
    any helpful tips on hunting coyotes at night with .22 rifle would be highly appreciated. thanks in advance and best regards…

  33. shane

    john wedgewood golden…
    you were attacked by a pack of ten coyotes and you shot the ground? what a fucking idiot… maybe next time they’ll get you

  34. Miguel

    For a previous commenter, you cannot bait for coyotes, but you are allowed to use electronic call emitters, which I’ve seen work very well in tall grass areas, such as CA’s Central Valley lowlands. My daughter and I are getting ready to try it out by San Luis Reservoir area hunting lands.

  35. Carlos Rodriguez

    To all who are active in hunting these vermin!!! happy hunting!! I’ve lost 4 family pets thinking they just ran.. off wasn’t until my 10yr & 14yr son’s had went for an adventure walk through a jogging path brush area with friends when he found a cat skeleton still wearing the collor my 5yr old daughter had picked out … I didn’t think these animals would come into a residential area in sandiego. I’m not a hunter by any means in fact im a animal lover but the sadness heartbreak and mental trauma these creatures create with their hunting of beloved pets is potentially being prevented by them being hunted.

  36. Carlos

    Hello, I live in Oceanside, ca does anyone know where you could hunt coyote around the area?

  37. Albert

    What is the best and legal way to dispose of a coyote? I have been asked by a few people to come to there property and take care of some coyotes. Im just trying to figure out how to dispose of the carcass after skinning?

  38. Craig

    Demi, in unincorporated areas of San Diego County it is not legal to shoot any firearm less than 150 yards away from from all recreational areas, communities, roads or any occupied dwelling house, residence, or other building or any barn or other outbuilding.
    Section 2. Section 31.101 of the San Diego County Code of Regulatory Ordinances


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