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Coyote Hunting Alabama Laws & Regulations

Are coyotes defined as furbearer, game animal, or other in Alabama? The following are designated as game animals in Alabama: bear, beaver, coyote, deer, fox, opossum, wild rabbit, raccoon, squirrel, nutria, mountain lion (cougar), red wolf, groundhog, bobcat and feral swine (wild hog).

The following are designated as furbearing animals in Alabama: beaver, bobcat, fox, mink, muskrat, nutria, opossum, otter, raccoon, striped skunk, coyote and feral swine.

Do you need a license to hunt coyotes in Alabama? Yes.

Can a non-resident hunt coyotes in Alabama? Yes with a valid hunting license.

Is there a specific hunting season for coyotes in Alabama? No Closed Season.

Is there a bag limit for coyotes in Alabama? No Bag Limit.

What are the legal hunting hours for coyotes in Alabama? Legal hours for hunting except as noted for migratory birds, waterfowl, raccoons and opossum are now defined as 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset.

Are electronic game calls legal in Alabama? Electronic calls may be used to call predators during daylight hours only during open hunting season for that species.

Are decoys legal for coyotes in Alabama? Yes.

What firearms are approved/disapproved for coyotes in Alabama? For fox, coyote and feral swine: Rifles of any caliber; handguns or pistols; shotguns, 10 gauge or smaller (with slugs or single round ball only during stalk gun deer season); long bows, compound bows, or crossbows. Spear or sharpened blade. These are all approved.

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It shall be unlawful to possess fully automatic firearms while hunting any species of wildlife.

Are suppressors allowed for coyote hunting in Alabama? As of October, 2014 it is now legal to hunt wildlife with a suppressor in Alabama.

Are there any ammunition restrictions for hunting coyotes in Alabama? There are no specific restrictions.

Note: It shall be unlawful for any person to refuse to submit firearms and ammunition or any device, instrument or accessory used in hunting to Conservation Officers for inspection.

Is night hunting for coyotes allowed in Alabama? It shall be unlawful for any person to hunt with a bow or gun that has a light source attached that is capable of casting a beam of light (including a laser sight) forward of said bow or gun or to possess such a light source adapted for attachment to said bow or gun while hunting. It shall be unlawful to use any equipment that uses electronics to increase the ability to see in the dark (night vision equipment) to hunt any species of wildlife, both protected or unprotected species.

Game animals may be hunted in open season during daylight hours only, except as specified for fox, raccoon, opossum, feral swine, bullfrog and pig frog under seasons. Certain restrictions apply for running dogs during spring turkey season.

Can you hunt coyotes from a vehicle in Alabama? It is illegal to concentrate, drive, rally, molest, hunt, take, capture or kill any bird or animal from or by the aid of any automobile, ATV, airplane, train, motorboat, sailboat or any other type mechanically propelled device. Persons may hunt from a floating craft or motor vehicle once the motor is shut off and all forward motion has ceased. It is not legal to hunt from a vehicle on a public road.

Can you hunt coyotes with bait in Alabama? Hunting by the aid of bait is illegal in Alabama.

It it illegal to hunt any area where baiting/feeding has occurred until 10 days after all bait/feed has been removed or consumed.

According to Alabama law, it is illegal to hunt game in any area where baiting/feeding serves as a lure or attractant to game. However, when hunting deer or feral swine on private lands only, there shall be a rebuttable presumption that any bait or feed located beyond 100 yards and not within the line of sight of the hunter, is not a lure or attractant on the area where the hunter is attempting to take deer or feral swine.

“Not within the line of sight” means being hidden from view by natural vegetation or terrain features.

For questions concerning the “Area Definition”, contact your local conservation enforcement officer or visit

Can dogs be used to hunt coyotes in Alabama? Dogs cannot be used to hunt during and in areas of spring turkey season.

It is illegal to hunt with dogs during day time or after 3:00 a.m. during spring turkey season.

Is there a coyote bounty in Alabama? Not at this time.

Note: It is illegal to import, possess, sell or offer to sell live: any species of mongoose, any species of wild rabbit or hare and any deer, raccoon, fox, skunk, coyote, wild turkey, wild rodents and any wild goat, sheep, antelope or other exotic game from any area outside of Alabama. (Also, see Sale of Game Birds and Game Animals, page 45) or any fish from the genus Clarias, Serrasalmus or Mylopharyngodon.

This information is for informational purposes only. This website has no affiliation with any department of the above mentioned state. For your own safety please contact your local office to verify the information presented. is not responsible for your own stupidity.

Last Updated: 11-14-2016

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  1. Shawn

    Just wondering can i use 30 round mag when hunting coyote in alabama

  2. Ben Wicker

    Coyotes will eventually take pver yhe yhe deer population . An when it does it will b to late . Blame it on ur state when it happens because there just to stubborn to let u hut them at nite .

    • Dj

      You are 100% correct. Handcuffing our ability to control the predator and hog population is ruining habitat and whitetail population. Just have a look at whats happened on ft rucker for an example. A pure wild boar and predator pit.

  3. William Jones

    Can a permit be obtained to hunt coyotes at night with night vision equipment?

    • T. Petty

      Good damn question. I have tried getting a straight answer to that very question from my local Game Wardens Office and days later, haven’t gotten one yet. But, if or when I do, I will post it here.

    • Sea Dragon

      Per Captain Askew of District 1, a Depredation Permit will allow you to kill hogs and coyote at night over bait using night vision or thermal scopes.

      Disclaimer: If you live in the city you will need to get permit from City Council before applying for Depredation Permit. To my knowledge it is illegal to discharge a firearm within the city limits of any city in Alabama for any reason except self defense. CONTACT A STATE BAR ATTORNEY BEFORE SHOOTING ANYTHING INSIDE CITY LIMITS OF ANY CITY OR TOWN.

  4. ken m

    can I kill a coyote in Decatur al city limits,if is in my back yard,stalking my cats?

  5. Jonathan Keaton

    Can you use a full metal jacket to hunt coyotes

  6. Joshua Southard

    So I have to get a liscense to kill the coyotes that are running my cattle and other Ive got atleast 4 that Ive seen and 3 are still pups but they getting big now and every night they come up to my back door almost. This morning a full grown female was 20 yards from my bedroom window at 7am Any suggestions be highly appreciated

    • Adam Underwood

      No license is needed to protect your live stock I keep m1 on my tractor atall times

  7. Name *Bruce

    I live in Coffee County and can hardly see a deer anymore. The coyotes are thick as mud. Why we can’t hunt with Thermal IR scopes is beyond me!

  8. Jody

    Is it illegal to hunt Coyotes with a grenade launcher?

  9. Jerry

    All deer seemingly have vanished in our area. Coyotes are coming in really close to our homes. We are beginning to fear for our pets snd children. Can we kill on sight if theyvate on our property? Wexare in Talladega County near the forest.

  10. M

    Any body who kill that Coyote I blame you for killing your own cat. You should be killed & not the coyote.

    • Will

      Get over yourself snowflake. Deal with the consequences of over population and the loss of your livelihood like cattle or pets, etc.

      I bet you attend the rallies chanting SAFETY and try to get “safe spaces” everywhere you possibly can in your area.

  11. Cohobadiah

    Feral cats and coyotes have killed a huge portion of the wildlife I try to protect on my land. The quail, rabbits, turkeys.. hardly see a one now. Yet most nights you can hear three separate packs of yotes howling and yapping. Feral cats are near as bad. Google the amount of wildlife feral cats kill per year. Keep your cats on a leash outside!

  12. Timothy Wilikns

    Hell with the expansion of the city limits for every town in the state there are very few rural areas left were we live And the coyote population is just booming we need night trapping Legalized and daytime euthanasia Statewide!!!!!

  13. Rick

    I have been hunting since1970,,,,, with the introduction and easement across the Mississippi the animal population has severely declined,,,,, unless these coyotes are exterminated,,,,, the deer and all game will be totally transformed to coyote scat in the road.

  14. Lisa Garner

    Good evening guys. I hunt coyotes for the simple fact that they are a big nuisance to our deer population etc…….Any tips y’all have will be greatly appreciated.

  15. Michael Anthony

    The areas where coyotes hide in Huntsville are in county areas.
    The county dump off Leeman Ferry is in the county south to Martin Road and west to arsenal. It is surrounded by City and Federal lands.
    South of Martin RD. is Byrd Spring Rod and Hunting club. It must be county because the fox hunt there or have special rules from city.

  16. Trent N.

    You can obtain a permit from the Al DPCNR that allows hunting coyote with bait and at night. Ive done it for several years, and its free. There are no limitations on what kind of ammo you use, no grenade launchers though lol. And i use 30 round magazines in my Ar when i hunt.

  17. Stephen

    How do I get involved in hunting coyotes for nuisance removal, I wanna get involved helping the local farmers/land owners who want to get rid of problematic coyotes/hogs. All advice is welcomed. I live in N. Alabama, near Huntsville. Thanks


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