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Coyote Hunting Florida Laws & Regulations

Are coyotes defined as furbearer, game animal, or other in Florida? Furbearers—bobcats, otters, raccoons, opossums, coyotes, beavers, skunks and nutrias. Florida law considers coyotes a “nuisance species.”

Do you need a license to hunt coyotes in Florida? Yes, a Hunting license is required when taking or attempting to take game or furbearing animals.

Can a non-resident hunt coyotes in Florida? Yes, with a license.

Is there a specific hunting season for coyotes in Florida? Year-round.

Is there a bag limit for coyotes in Florida? No limits.

What are the legal hunting hours for coyotes in Florida? Coyotes are legal to take 24 hours a day, all year long.

Are electronic game calls legal in Florida? Yes.

Are decoys legal for coyotes in Florida? Yes. However, taking or attempting to take with live decoys is illegal.

What firearms are approved/disapproved for coyotes in Florida? Coyotes may be taken by all legal rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, crossbows, bows, pistols and air guns.

It is unlawful to use fully automatic firearms, or explosive or drug-injecting arrows.

Are suppressors allowed for coyote hunting in Florida? Yes, Law change in 2014.

Are there any ammunition restrictions for hunting coyotes in Florida? Centerfire semi-automatic rifles having magazine capacities of more than five rounds.

Are there regulations for possessing, transporting dead coyotes, or pelts across state lines in Florida? A trapping license ($26.50) is required when trapping furbearers and when selling the pelts or meat of furbearing mammals, whether taken by trap, snare or gun.

A license is required to sell the pelts or meat of furbearing animals to licensed fur dealers, whether taken by trap, snare or gun.

Is night hunting for coyotes allowed in Florida? Yes, a Gun and Light at Night Permit is not required to take wild hog, coyote, armadillo, black or Norway rat and house mouse, with a gun and light at night.

Can you hunt coyotes from a vehicle in Florida? Shooting from vehicles, powerboats or sailboats moving under power. Motors must be shut off or sails furled, and progress must cease from such motor or sail before taking game.

Can you hunt coyotes with bait in Florida? The intentional placement of feed or garbage in a manner that is likely to create or creates a public nuisance by attracting foxes, coyotes or raccoons is prohibited. Placing, offering or allowing the placement of feed or garbage that is likely to create or creates a public nuisance by attracting bears is prohibited after receiving written notification from the FWC. The intentional feeding of bears or sandhill cranes is prohibited.

Can dogs be used to hunt coyotes in Florida? Free-running dogs may be used for hunting but must wear collars listing the owner’s name and address. When using dogs to hunt deer on private property, hunters must first register with the FWC (at no cost) the tract of land they have permission to hunt, and all deer dogs must have their FWC-issued registration number on their collars. Copies of the registration also must be in hunter’s possession when using dogs to pursue deer.

Dogs may be used as an aid in taking game mammals and game birds, unless otherwise prohibited. Persons owning or using dogs shall not knowingly or negligently permit such dogs to trail, pursue or otherwise molest wildlife during closed seasons. When using archery equipment and muzzleloaders during their respective archery, crossbow and muzzleloading gun seasons, the taking of deer by the use or aid of dogs is prohibited. Dogs on leashes may be used to trail wounded game mammals during all seasons. Taking turkeys by aid of dogs at any time is prohibited. Hunters, who use dogs for hunting, including bird dogs or retrievers, are required to have their dogs wear collars that identify their owner’s name and address. This regulation also requires dog hunters to possess landowners’ written permission before using their dogs to pursue game on private property. On private land rabbit, raccoon, opossum, skunk, nutria, beaver, coyote, hog, fox and bobcat may be chased throughout the year with free running dogs. For more information, contact an FWC regional office.

Is there a coyote bounty program in Florida? Not at this time.

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Last Updated: 11-14-2016

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