Coyote Hunting NY Laws & Regulations

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Coyote Hunting NY, Laws & Regulations

Coyotes are defined as a furbearer in New York.

Do you need a license to hunt coyotes in NY? Yes, To hunt furbearers, you must possess a Resident or Nonresident Hunting license. A trapping license does not allow you to hunt furbearers.

Can a non-resident hunt coyotes in NY? Yes

Is there a specified season for coyotes in NY? Coyote season NY is October 1st – March 29th.

Is there a bag limit for coyotes in NY? No limit.

What are the legal hunting hours in NY? They may be hunted during the day or night.

Are electronic game calls legal for coyotes in NY? You may use a call, including an electronic call.

Are decoys legal for coyotes in NY? You may use decoys.

What firearms are approved/disapproved for coyotes in NY? Furbearers may be hunted with a bow, crossbow or firearm. You may hunt furbearers using any handgun, shotgun, muzzleloading rifle, bow, crossbow or air gun. See state regulations for deer season hunting.

Are suppressors allowed for hunting coyotes in NY? No, § 11-0931. Prohibitions on the use and possession of firearms. 1. No person except a law enforcement officer in the performance of his official duties shall use in hunting or possess in the fields or forests or on the waters of the state for any purpose: a. the apparatus known as a silencer.

Legal ammunition or restrictions for coyotes in NY? Certain county’s restrict anything over .22 caliber. Check your local county for restrictions.

Are there regulations for transporting dead coyotes or pelts across state lines in NY? None.

Is night hunting for coyotes allowed in NY? Yes, spotlights, night vision, thermal and laser devices are permitted for furbearer hunting. They may be attached to the firearm. All laws pertaining to the use of a spotlight apply. Hunters should consult with local government officials for any laws that may prohibit the discharge of firearms at night.

Are there specific weapon restrictions  for night hunting coyotes in NY? No special restrictions.

Can you hunt coyotes from a vehicle in NY? You may not hunt from any motor vehicle, including an ATV or snowmobile.

Can you use bait to hunt coyotes in NY? Yes. This is one of the few exceptions that allow the use of bait to hunt wildlife.

Can dogs be used to hunt coyotes in NY? Dogs may be used to hunt small game, except: You may not use dogs to hunt wild turkey in the spring. In the Northern Zone, if you are hunting with a dog, or accompanied by a dog, you may not possess a rifle larger than .22 caliber rim-fire or possess a shotgun loaded with slug, ball or buckshot unless you are coyote hunting with a dog. In the Northern Zone, crossbows may not be possessed afield when hunting small game (except coyotes) with the aid of a dog or when accompanied by a dog.

Is there a bounty program for coyotes in NY? Not at this time. Check with your local county.

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