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  1. Cynthia Neufeld

    Looking forward to helping our deer population.
    It’s been way down in the last 4 years, due to a couple of Ruff winters and coyote over population.
    Thank you for your tips.

    • Tim fallis

      Stopped trapping yotes due to fuel cost,fur market down big time. Want to keep my.location for when fur goes up so now hunting them by caller and 223. Learning the game. Any and all info needed thanks

  2. Tim

    Thanks for the tips I’ll be utilizing them for sure

  3. Tyler

    I was wonder what a suggestion call would be. I am hunting a brand new property, there are tracks and poo everywhere. I have made some calls but nothing has showed up. Just curious…

    • Larry Auman

      Tyler please contact me, “Larry”

      • Brian ball

        Hey larry

      • Brian

        I’ve got a question for ya

  4. Larry Auman

    I’m interested in finding folks in SE Louisiana who have an interest in hunting Coyotes. I have a FoxPro Sockwave electronic call and related gear.

  5. Jason

    Time to fill the FUR WAGON! Hunting the high deserts of northern California and Nevada.?

    • Jason

      Predatorsyndicate or furwagon

  6. Ed Hamblin

    New to your site, but looking forward to new info. Thanks

  7. Ernest

    Anytime you can drop a coyote. Your helping not only the deer population, but your helping the antelope population as well as other animal populations. I love it when you call in a coyote and he never leaves

  8. Johnathan

    How many times is too many times to hunt the same spot I have seen them every time they just won’t get in too shooting range but will come out an howl I shot one Thursday but seen 4 is hunting Tuesday too early

    • Chad Clark

      I wouldn’t go 5 times in a week, but we’ve killed coyotes in virtually the same spot on back to back days several times. Set up in a little different spot, play different sounds, and even go at different times of the day. We’ve called the same spot several hours apart on the same day and called dogs.

  9. Brian S

    Just found your site. A lot of good info. Want to get on your email list.

  10. Rich Foutch

    New to the coyote hunting , This area is loaded and we see numerous coyotes throughout our deer season . I look forward to learning and working to help keep the population under control. Any and all tips from experienced hunters is appreciated . I use the Alpha Dog call and AR 15 .223 with Coyote Reaper light . Thanks for any and all help to make me successful at this new adventure.

  11. Kenneth miller

    Question for you.any feedback would be helpful.

    I bought this ico tec predator call.
    .model is gc300 reaper.about 2 years ago. wanted to know what distress calls works best during the winter.

  12. Jacob Weber

    I am just getting into yote hunting and got a few different mouth calls. I have been thinking about getting an ecall but I don’t know if I want to drop the 150 to 200 bucks on the call I am looking at. What should I look for in an ecall or should I get an ecall for the first year in general?

  13. Marc

    Looking for calling tips before breeding season

  14. Courtney Clementi

    Very new to coyote hunting

  15. Jon

    New to dawg hunting, will welcome any calling tips for both day and night hunting. Rather learn as much as possible w/o teaching/educating the dawgs.


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