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  1. Cynthia Neufeld

    Looking forward to helping our deer population.
    It’s been way down in the last 4 years, due to a couple of Ruff winters and coyote over population.
    Thank you for your tips.

  2. Tim

    Thanks for the tips I’ll be utilizing them for sure

  3. Tyler

    I was wonder what a suggestion call would be. I am hunting a brand new property, there are tracks and poo everywhere. I have made some calls but nothing has showed up. Just curious…

    • Larry Auman

      Tyler please contact me, “Larry”

      • Brian ball

        Hey larry

      • Brian

        I’ve got a question for ya

  4. Larry Auman

    I’m interested in finding folks in SE Louisiana who have an interest in hunting Coyotes. I have a FoxPro Sockwave electronic call and related gear.

  5. Jason

    Time to fill the FUR WAGON! Hunting the high deserts of northern California and Nevada.?

  6. Ed Hamblin

    New to your site, but looking forward to new info. Thanks

  7. Ernest

    Anytime you can drop a coyote. Your helping not only the deer population, but your helping the antelope population as well as other animal populations. I love it when you call in a coyote and he never leaves


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