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Time of Year

Calling in the Fall: Fall is my favorite time of year to hunt. The weather is just right and coyotes are anxious to be called. Young pups are out on their own, and you’re likely to have more success with the “young dumb ones.” I typically stick with prey distress sounds this time of year.

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Calling in the Winter: This is the time that most predator hunters target coyotes. The pelts are “furred up” and they are spending more time in the daylight hours hunting for food. The weather makes them more active in the daytime and food becomes scarce. I change my methods around hitting on the four instinctual areas mentioned earlier in the article: Curiosity, Hunger, Territorial, and Paternal instincts. They are getting called more, so they are wising up to any old rabbit in distress. Try something different, change it up and find success. February 15th is considered to be the peak of the breeding season.

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Calling in the Spring: The coyotes are very territorial by now and are working on dens. Coyote vocals are the primary sounds used to call this time of year. They will come to prey distress, but it’s not as effective as using it in combination with coyote vocals. This type of hunting can be very rewarding. Howling in a coyote is a challenge, and takes a lot of practice to do it right. Be patient this time of year, we sit on stand longer if we know coyotes are in the area. No more than 30 minutes though, I rarely do that unless I’m working a coyote that I can hear.

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86. Summer: Summer is usually time off for predator hunters, and that includes me. However many still enjoy getting out and hunting during these times of year. Most of the action is by using decoy dogs to attract a pair of coyotes. There are many different tactics used in summer hunting, I don’t really know because I’m gone fishing!

In all seriousness, I like to leave them be for a while. No need to kill a nursing female, you’ll kill the whole litter. Unless that’s your intention. I only hunt fawning areas, or when a rancher asks for help near their claves. I say let the coyotes alone for a short season to recover the population. I enjoy hunting coyotes and I want them around for a long time so I can enjoy it with my children and friends for a lifetime.

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Time of Day

Early Morning: If you want to be successful, you need to hunt early in the morning! This should go without saying, but animals are most active in the early morning and late evening. Coyotes will respond to a siren or howl and I start a lot of my pre-sunrise stands with a interrogation howl, group howl, or locator. I sit and wait three or four minutes, then start into a distress or other howls depending on time of year.

Late Morning: I love to hunt from the break of dawn through 11:00 am or so. The coyotes just respond better during this time of day. Have your spots picked out and get as many in as you can during this time. I know you’re tired, but you’ll thank me later!

Noon Time: Some think coyotes can’t be called during the middle of the day. That’s true when you’re eating lunch. On the other hand, remember that a coyote is an opportunist. If they perceive a free meal, they will often times let their curiosity get the best of them. During colder time periods, as mentioned before, coyotes are more active. While driving down the road, I see more coyotes during the middle of the day than at any other time. Sometimes you can spot and stalk coyotes during this time of day!

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Afternoon Delight: This time of day can be challenging, but good scouting, good locations, and a good setup and approach will allow you to be successful. It’s this time of day when we get lazy. We don’t check the wind, we setup in the sun, we don’t hump that last hill for a better spot. All of these things will catch you off-guard when you finally notice a coyote 20 feet from your decoy. Then you realize you forgot to chamber a round! Coyotes can be called almost anytime of day. Some people in Arizona call in the middle of the day in the middle of the summer! Why you ask? I don’t know, but they call predators in by using good techniques.

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Evening: The last chance to call in a song dog. Animal activity picks up again, and the coyote is no different. The evening stands can be the most productive, be patient, pick a good stand you can sit on as the sun goes down. Occasionally I sit on the last stand for 30-40 minutes.

Moon Phase: Some will tell you that you can’t call a coyote in the daytime during a full moon. I’ve seen them come in on a full moon, a waxing crescent, a waning crescent, and no moon. Those are all secret sound names too. A full moon can make things more difficult because they see so well at night, and night hunting for them means they will have a full belly by daylight. This isn’t always the case, every coyote will be different. By hunting so much in the winter, they also burn a lot of calories. They need to eat whenever they get a chance. Don’t let the moon phase stop you from going out!


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  1. Tito

    Would like info on hunting

  2. Andy Stahl

    I Need Good Coyote Tips

  3. Paul Houghton

    How long should i stay in one spot. How long after i sit down should i weight to start calling

  4. Jon

    The BEST calling coyotes DVD is by Darrell Holland Calling Coyotes Like the Pro’s. Very informational and will make you a better more successful hunter.


  5. Christian Vick

    The best/only way to learn to call coyotes is to spend as much time hunting with someone that is proficient at it. Check your ego, LEAVE IT AT HOME! If the Hunter is willing to teach you have to be willing to learn! Listen to what they tell you about everything, don’t waste his time and yours by standing next to them and trying to convert everything they are trying to teach you into your preconceived notions of how it should work! Listen and learn. Hear what he’s telling you about everything from sight picture of a running coyote to set-up and even when, where, and how to gain land owner permission. He or someone like him has already done the leg work and screwed up enough hunts to know what works and what will make you fail or flat out get you in trouble IN YOUR AREA!
    Pay your best attention to everything about the calling process! What kind of calls to use, what technique works best st s particular time of day, in truth you probably should be paying bid bucks for what he’s trying to give you so pay attention and don’t screw it up by trying to mix it in with little tidbits you’ve gleaned from a bunch of articles written by hunters of unknown pedigree from OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD!
    For me that benevolent, skilled coyote called was my father! He offered so much, and I absorbed so little, I thought I knew so much, I was so wrong!

  6. Dawson

    Use slightly open areas to call use open sights ore mall power scope for this lever or pump action best.stay one one until he go down ,coyote can take a lot.

  7. Dawson

    Don’t be afraid to use smaller calibers if you need to simply get good amo and make a good shot. I use the 22mag most often and it works fine out to at least 200 yards with most holow point,the more grains the better.

  8. Mike

    Cloudy nights no moon narrow fields use snow to see when they break in use coyote loads have fun positioned and ready any slight movement will make them run

  9. Human

    What is wrong with you ? Why do you want to hunt those poor beings? Just for fun ? What kind of a dark soul kills other living things for fun? Something is dark in you and wrong with you.. if you don’t believe in God at least believe in karma and it’s boomerang effects.. hunt and be hunted .. karma is a bitch and all you creepy hunters cants escape it .. beware you killers !!

    • Karmann

      Thanks for coming to coyotehunting101.com to leave your opinions in the comments section. Thanks for the added traffic, and amusing commentary. You guys are a hoot.

    • jim

      Hey Human, the Lord provided us animals to eat, clothe ourselves, and make money on furs, if that is a good source of income. Some say plants have feelings too! Did you think of that when chowing down your salad? You probably don’t even eat salad. Just frightened bovine, porcine animals when they are shoved into tractor trailers, on the way to the slaughterhouse? Perhaps you are better off than some of us who enjoy the woods that God has created for all of us and can figure a way to make some money to pay for things like food and shelter. You would be surprised what you see when sitting still and shutting up in the woods… I mean no offense, but please just educate your circle of friends to the facts I have just put forth. And no, you will not find any spelling mistakes in my post, nor grammatical errors. You see, I am well off, educated, and happy. I love God. He is always by my side, through thick and thin. I pray you will be able to see another point of view here.
      Wishing you many blessings.

    • Orion the hunter

      Hahaha… and this is the problem with america but that is your right . So, do you amd your,.. good luck after 2021.. thankyou for staying out of the way sheep dont help much. But they cam be eaten by killer animals like bears. I pray that you learn. But I doubt you will. 1 love and. Go troll somewhere else KAREN

  10. Tristan

    Hunting coyotes where humans are not is awful.

    I am on here reading because we have a problem in our city and they are taking out people’s dogs while walking.

    I do not have a gun license and need to know the best way I can take these guys out before they take out more of our pets.



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