Coyote Hunting Videos

Coyote Hunting Videos

You can learn a lot from many of the videos online, however don’t believe that they come in on every stand, and every call. I’ll start you off with my favorite guys on the tube: Bucking the Odds.


Bucking the Odds | Colorado

These two have great personality and they have some serious coyote killing skills. They hunt all over Colorado from the sage flats up to 9500′ elevation. They have lots of tips packed into these videos. I’ve watched them a few times. I even bought the Big Smith album to listen to on some of my coyote hunts now. Big Smith, Check out the album!

Coyote Control Specialists | Oregon

The next set of videos I really like are the boys up in Oregon, the Coyote Control Specialists. They are a bunch of young college kids out making it happen on the weekends, and I’m sure they’re skipping a few Friday classes to get three days in out calling yotes. They call some wide open spaces, and a few spots are high elevation. One thing about them, they go out no matter what the weather brings.

Downwind Outdoors | New York

Now I’ll send you back east for some eastern coyotes with Downwind Outdoors. These guys are based out of upstate New York. A lot of Midwest and Eastern hunters will really enjoy watching some of their techniques because they aren’t like the big wide open spaces like the guys out West hunt. The first videos don’t have the quality of the newer videos. If you don’t like the quality just skip the playlist ahead to the videos 20-25 range. These guys really improve their production value over time as you will see.

Predator University | Texas & New Mexico

Let’s head down south with Tony Tebbe. He guides for a living so you might want to take a trip down south with him. You’ll see a lot of videos with coyote dogs running the action. He runs and trains dogs for coyote hunting. If you’re interested in decoy dog action, you’ll want to see these videos.

Predator Down | Montana

Another excellent competition caller is Dustin Butler of Predator Down. He hasn’t published much lately, but his videos are great. He uses a Wildlife Technologies caller. It’s a great call and gives the Foxpro’s a run for their money.

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