Coyote Hunting Indiana, Laws, Regulations, Season, & License Info

Website: Indiana Department of Natural Resources
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Address: 402 W. Washington St. RM W273 – Indianapolis, IN 46204
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Coyote Hunting Indiana, Laws & Regulations

Coyotes are defined as a furbearer in Indiana.

Do you need a license to hunt coyotes in Indiana? An Indiana hunting license is required. Landowners may remove a coyote at any time on land they own or give written permission to others to take coyotes from that land. Individuals given written permission must have a valid hunting license. A valid hunting or trapping license or nuisance wild animal control permit is required to take a coyote on land other than your own.

Coyotes that are taken outside the hunting and trapping season by a landowner or someone with written permission from a landowner cannot be possessed live for more than 24 hours, and the live coyote cannot be sold, traded, bartered or gifted.

Can a non-resident hunt coyotes in Indiana? Yes

Is there a specified season for coyotes in Indiana? October 15 – March 15th

Is there a bag limit for coyotes in Indiana? There are no daily bag or possession limits for furbearers.

What are the legal hunting hours in Indiana? Furbearer hunting & trapping hours: Hunting/Running – noon of first day to noon of last day. There are no restrictions on hunting hours for hunting fox and coyote.

Are electronic game calls legal in Indiana? It is legal to hunt fox and coyote with the use of mouth- or hand-operated calls, or with the use of recorded calls.

Are decoys legal in Indiana? Yes.

What firearms are approved/disapproved for coyotes in Indiana? There are no restrictions on firearms for hunting fox and coyote.

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Are suppressors allowed in Indiana? Yes, Effective: July 1, 2012. Senate BillL No. 243 – Citations Affected: IC 14-22; IC 35-51.

Synopsis: Silencers when hunting. Repeals the law that prohibits the possession or use of a silencer while in the act of hunting. Provides that a person who takes or possesses a deer or wild turkey: (1) unlawfully; (2) by illegal methods; or (3) with illegal devices; while using or possessing a silencer commits a Class C misdemeanor. Makes hunting on private land without the permission of the owner a Class B misdemeanor if the person does so while using a silencer. Makes a technical correction.

Old law: IC 14-22-6-11 Silencers prohibited Sec. 11. (a) This section does not apply to an employee of the department or an employee of a federal wildlife management agency who: (1) is acting in the performance of the employee’s duties; and (2) has received the express written consent of the director for the employee’s action. (b) A person may not: (1) use or possess an apparatus designed for use with or on a firearm commonly called a silencer; or (2) use or possess a device used as a silencer; in Indiana while in the act of hunting. As added by P.L.1-1995, SEC.15. Amended by P.L.13-2007, SEC.2.

Legal ammunition or restrictions for coyotes in Indiana? No restrictions.

Are there regulations for possessing, transporting dead coyotes, or pelts across state lines in Indiana? It is illegal to possess the untanned hides or unprocessed carcasses of furbearers, except for coyotes, after May 15 of the year the hunting or trapping season ended or after June 15 if you submit a signed form to the DNR by May 15 of the number of untanned hides and unprocessed carcasses still in your possession by species.

Is night hunting allowed in Indiana? Spotlights may be used to take fox and coyote. A continuously burning light that can be seen for at least 500 feet must be carried while pursuing furbearing animals between sunset and sunrise.

Are there specified weapons allowed for night in Indiana? No restrictions.

Can you hunt from a vehicle in Indiana? It is illegal to hunt fox or coyote from a roadway or with the use of any motor driven conveyance.

Can baiting be used to hunt coyotes in Indiana? TBD

Can dogs be used to hunt coyotes in Indiana? It is legal to chase foxes and coyotes with dogs year-round with a hunting license.

Is there a bounty program in Indiana? Not at this time.

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  1. Josh

    I just wanted to point out that as of July 1st, 2013 silencers/suppressors have been legalized for hunting in Indiana.

    • Chad

      Thank you, I’ve updated the information.

    • Rick

      Just for coyotes

      • John

        Can you bait and shoot coyote at night in indiana?

    • David Rhine

      Can you use suppressors during deer season in Indiana, how about thermal Scopes for coyotes in Indiana?

  2. Andy

    Any restrictions on NV scopes?

    • Randy Kistler

      Can I use a 243 to hunt coyote and fox in Indiana?

  3. Tom moland

    Do u have to ware hunter orange hunting coyotes during season or after season goes out

  4. mike thran

    To clarify any earlier question can you hunt coyotes at night with night vision scopes/attachments during the regular season?

    • Dylan L

      Yes you can use night vision to hunt coyotes and fox at night as long as you have a continuous burning light

      • Rod

        Does the light have to be white or can it be a green of red light?

  5. Dave Brock

    Which license covers Coyote?

  6. Matt sickles

    #1, can i hunt coyotes with a rifle and then sell them to a licensed buyer ?

    #2 am I required to check it in with dnr when I take one ?

  7. Josh thomas

    Can you use a rifle on dnr property to hunt coyotes

  8. Mike Price

    Can ram power snares be used in Indiana

  9. Elmer Fudd

    I assume in the suburbs a .22 is a big no no.

  10. s.coffey

    i’m told i have to attend a hunting class for coyote? i have the hunters safety course card already, deer hunt yrly..i heard a pack of coy’s last night at dark w/n 1/4 mil. of my spot. So coy class yes or no if so when/where/cost..thanks


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